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Technologies & Smart City

Developing smart solutions, products and services

In a constantly changing world, cities face a wide range of complex challenges. The growing emergence of smart cities, which incorporate information and communication technologies, reflects a deep change in the way we design and live in our cities. These initiatives aim to improve resident quality of life, while promoting environmental sustainability.

GECI International has an active innovation strategy focused on developing new smart and technological offers in the smart city and transport sectors, through a policy of strategic alliances and incubation, enabling us to capitalize on emerging technologies with strong potential.

AS+ Do Brasil:  meeting needs for connectivity

Since 2006, AS+ Do Brasil has firmly established itself as a market leader in Brazil. Since it was founded, it has stood out by specializing in information systems, particularly in the telecommunications sector. By leading complex projects, including the deployment of telecommunication networks nationwide, it has built up outstanding expertise.

Today, AS+ Do Brasil offers a wide range of mobile network equipment installations (3G, 4G, 5G), including logistics and covering fixed networks (IP, DWDM, GPON, etc.). With its teams of around 250 professionals, AS+ Do Brasil is one of the largest operators in Brazil and aims to address new markets, such as smart equipment for smart cities.

Its 5G and broadband know-how is opening up new horizons for internet use with the development of new wireless technologies. AS+ Do Brasil is effectively positioned to meet the needs of an increasingly digital and technological society thanks to its technical expertise, its extensive range of cross-business solutions, its strong international partnerships and its close links with clients.

Discover the services offered by AS+ Do Brasil

Contracting – IT and Telecoms

  • Infrastructure management (networks and telecoms).
  • Production management.
  • Systems development.
  • Systems analysis.
  • Hotline support.

Technical support – IT and Telecoms

  • Telecoms – Infrastructure, architecture.
  • Fixed and mobile networks.

Smart City

  • Innovative urban mobility: design and promotion of new ITMS (Intelligent Traffic Management System) or smart parking solutions.
  • Smart public security: smart camera, predictive analysis and real-time alerts
  • Urban connectivity: Development of advanced infrastructures, promoting digital inclusion (smart public lighting, IoT sensors, etc.)

Innovative responses
to the complex challenges
of Smart Cities

In the digital age, our cities face growing pressures to become more efficient, sustainable and resilient. This is where our Smart City solutions come into play, offering an integrated and intelligent approach to shape a prosperous and inclusive urban future.

GECI International has successfully established a robust ecosystem through its various subsidiaries in France and around the world, as well as its technological and commercial partnerships. Our solutions are built around a network of interconnected infrastructures, powered by the Internet of Things (IoT), advanced data analysis and artificial intelligence. This enables us to collect information in real time on various aspects of urban life, transport or public security.

Working in partnership with municipalities, businesses and citizens, we create smart urban ecosystems that foster innovation, sustainability and prosperity for all.

Our offering includes a range of services that can be tailored to your needs, such as designing and promoting new ITMS (Intelligent Traffic Management System) solutions to address the growing concerns linked to increased traffic congestion problems. We are extending our activities to include other products and services relating to smart cities, from smart parking and public lighting to IoT sensors, benefiting in particular from the expertise and know-how of our subsidiary AS+ Do Brasil in Brazil.


GECI International

through its subsidiaries and partners, is fully committed to supporting cities with their transition to become Smart Cities. Our teams also provide dedicated advisory and consulting services for the various urban ecosystem stakeholders.

By offering technological and digital solutions that influence telecommunications, transport and security, GECI International is accelerating innovation and effectively positioned to deliver bespoke solutions.