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Accelerating the power of innovation

Since 2010, Alliance Services Plus (AS+) has built up strong expertise in IT activities relating to High Performance Computing (HPC) to support digital simulations. HPC has become strategic over the last few decades and is used in a wide range of areas, from academic research (genomics, climatology, meteorology, theoretical physics, etc.) to industry (automotive, aeronautics, space, oil and gas, etc.) and defense.

Thanks to increasingly high-performance technologies, we are able to generate major volumes of data within an accelerated timeframe (Big Data). The challenge now is to efficiently and effectively capitalize on these data and extract their added value. To deliver this, AS+ is developing its HPDA (High Performance Data Analytics) capabilities.

Freeing up the potential of your data with AS+

Through its deep expertise in HPC technologies, Alliance Services Plus (AS+) plays a key role in carrying out digital simulations and developing HPC/HPDA projects requiring the ultra-quick processing of massive data volumes and the execution of complex operations.

The teams at Alliance Services Plus (AS+) draw up strategies tailored to your HPC needs, combining in-depth expertise of the various technologies, high-performance infrastructures, industry-leading software solutions, digital security and much more.

AI solutions

The recent emergence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in two waves, with Neural Networks (machine learning, deep learning) and then Large Language Models (LLM), has redefined the HPC landscape through specific uses and architectures which AS+ incorporates into its services.

Our services

AS+ offers a full range of services covering the entire HPC software stack.

Deployment and configuration of HPC programming infrastructure (xcat, ansible, nagios, free-ipa, etc.), including:

  • Various types of nodes (administrators, services, CPU programming, GPU programming, interactive, licenses),
  • Networks (Ethernet, Infiniband),
  • Storage systems (NFS, GPFS, Lustre, etc.),
  • Schedulers (Slurm, PBS, LSF).

Deployment of dedicated application tiers for HPC and AI around adapted frameworks (easybuild, spack, module):

  • Compilers,
  • HPC libraries (MPI, I/O, network, etc.),
  • Python,
  • Open source software,
  • Vendor software,
  • Programming codes,
  • AI applications (Pytorch, Tensorflow, Horovod, Ollama, Langchain, LlamaIndex, etc.)

Audit, optimization, benchmarks, HPC code porting on all language types (Fortran, C, C++) and programming paradigms (MPI, OpenMP, CUDA, HIP, OpenCL, Kokkos)

User support on pooled or dedicated programming infrastructures: environment management, code installation, user support, programming chain porting.

Third-party application maintenance of HPC programming codes: corrective and ongoing maintenance, user and developer training, integration, validation, packaging and delivery.

Combining the previous services to deliver a Cloud solution (full or hybrid) with certified teams (AWS Solutions Architect) and partnerships with Cloud providers (AWS Partners).

Our teams manage all programming aspects: analysis of requirements, solution design, proof of concept (POC), Cloud deployment of solutions with IaC tools (Infrastructure as Code, with AWS CDK and Terraform), application deployments and user support. AS+ develops its own solutions to meet its clients’ needs (combining HPC infrastructure and VDI workstations in the Cloud).

Bespoke training on various HPC aspects (MPI-OpenMP parallel programming, code porting, optimization, HPC infrastructure management).











Our Team

Made up of around 50 people dedicated to HPC, our team stands out through its profiles from a wide range of backgrounds, including engineers with different specialties (IT, mechanics, applied mathematics, generalists) and doctors in physics (plasma physics, astrophysics, mechanics, quantum physics, etc.)… In addition to inspiring technical progress in-house, this rich diversity enables us to communicate and interact in relevant ways with our various correspondents in line with their profiles (business, CIO, etc.) and effectively work on various projects, from managing infrastructure deployments to developing solvers in programming codes.

Our sectors

The HPC services offered by Alliance Services Plus (AS+) cover a wide range of applications in areas such as scientific research, digital simulation and modeling, from mathematics to physics (nuclear, mechanical, electrical, etc.), genomes, pharmacology, chemistry and meteorology.

Pharmaceutical research

The discovery of new drugs often involves complex molecular simulations to understand the interactions between potential medicinal products and biological targets. HPC and AI technologies make it possible to accelerate this process.

Designing smart cities

Urban planning can benefit from digital simulations to optimize infrastructures, manage traffic flows and improve energy efficiency. Massive data volumes can be analyzed quickly thanks to HPC, Big Data and AI technologies.

Nuclear deterrence

Digital simulation is used to design and optimize defense systems, including modeling the behavior of nuclear weapons and assessing potential scenarios.

Aeronautics and engineering

The design of aircraft, vehicles and other complex structures is supported by digital simulation and AI. These techniques make it possible to virtually test prototypes and their development, saving time and resources.

Earth sciences

Understanding phenomena such as tectonic movements, volcanic eruptions and earthquakes cannot be achieved without modeling and simulations.


Alliance Services Plus (AS+)
helps industrial and academic users, data center hosting providers and operators, publishers and developers of digital solutions to address their most complex HPC and HPDA issues, while optimizing their profitability and reducing their carbon footprint.

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