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CSR commitments

Our CSR commitments

The technological and digital transition is a reality that businesses need to adapt to

GECI International aims to provide them with the smart products they need and support them as they evolve.

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  • Environment:

GECI International is rolling out various initiatives to commit to and support the global drive to reduce waste and limit gas emissions.

We are actively involved in training tomorrow’s young talents to ensure that the issues facing our planet are an integral part of the way they think. The products that we offer must provide both technically and environmentally smart solutions.

  • Society:

GECI International has signed up to the Diversity Charter. This Charter sets out moral commitments, encouraging signatories to respect diversity within their workforce.

We are committed to combating all forms of discrimination, and we want diversity to be a core feature of our teams.

As an international business, our staff have opportunities to work in various countries. We accompany and support them throughout their time with us, through a dedicated onboarding program, as well as initial and ongoing learning to develop their employability in France and internationally.

  • Economy:

We want to have a central position in the transformation of stakeholders on high-potential markets that are faced with the major new challenges linked to the digital revolution. Our smart products are designed to support telecommunications, transport, renewable energy and IT businesses to understand these challenges and the stakes involved, enabling them to successfully adapt.

These changes are also opening up new opportunities for the Group, which must be able to follow these evolutions to remain competitive on the international stage.