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Our History

Discover GECI International’s journey, from its creation through to it establishing itself as a digital and technology specialist.

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GECI International’s history

Founded in 1980 by Serge Bitboul, a passionate aviation and engineering visionary, GECI International has forged its path to excellence over the decades. Initially, it specialized in technical expertise and consulting for aerospace, propulsion and transport, quickly attracting innovative and dedicated talents.

During its first two decades, GECI played a crucial role advising the companies involved in the Airbus program, while expanding its scope for action to include the high-tech industry. Pioneering crash test simulations for the auto industry, as well as trajectory calculations for the Ariane launchers, the Company built its reputation globally, operating in more than 20 countries by the early 2000s.

GECI gradually diversified its activities, exploring new horizons such as energy, the environment and public services. Involved in research and development, it embraced digital technologies with outstanding levels of expertise.

In 2015, GECI International embarked on a strategic redeployment, marking the start of a new phase of innovation by relaunching its consulting activities. Focused on telecommunications, finance, high performance computing and transport, the Company extended its influence to cover cybersecurity and smart cities.

In line with this shift, it acquired the Eolen group in 2015, a decisive step forward that further strengthened its expertise in key areas such as e-learning, financial IT, telecommunications and high performance computing, covering a wide range of sectors, from artificial intelligence to big data.

Today, GECI International is at the forefront of the technological and digital transformation, offering smart solutions and advanced consulting services to support its clients during this period of rapid changes. With our track record of excellence and our future-focused vision, we are continuing to shape the global technological landscape for a better and more connected world.

Key Dates

  • 1980 : Company founded by Serge Bitboul
  • 1990 : Activities diversified and extended to include new sectors
  • 2001 : Company listed on the stock market
  • 2015 : Eolen group acquired
  • 2021 : Consolidation strategy rolled out for the Technology and Digital divisions