Transportation & Mobilities

Coming from the automotive world, ETUD Integral's designers, engineers and technicians have expanded their skills to other industries including transport: rail, aerospace, machine tools, and military.

With 38 years of experience, 65 engineers, and specific know-how in the creative process, technical design, numerical simulation, ergonomics, engineering and functional prototypes, ETUD delivers innovative products all over the world. This contributes to the strategy of positioning the group's activity at the heart of the digital revolution.

GECI Advanced Technologies

GECI Advanced Technologies offers industrial cybersecurity solutions to the transport sector players and offers mobility technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

The main customers of the Energy, Transport and Industries Division of the Eolen Group include operators, manufacturers, engineering companies, and suppliers of transport service equipment. The Group was able to work on the renovation and modernisation of existing railway lines.

This service enables Eolen to deliver expertise to projects or products from their design stage, as well as to operational phases (testing and implementation, operation / maintenance).

This offer includes three categories of professional skills:

  • Expertise in engineering and design: processes, EIA, structures, piping, mechanics, electronics, PLM ...
  • Project expertise: PMO, QHSE, purchase and shipment, site construction supervision, documentation ...
  • Expertise for specific sectors and
  • High Performance Computing (HPC) solutions for different sectors, including transportation.

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